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Experience the magic of:


- Chakra balancing sessions!  

A seven episode online course

Are you ready to embark on a unique and transformative journey of self-discovery and healing?  Immerse yourself in the Soul Frequency Song Healing - Chakra Balancing Sessions, right from the comfort of your home and on your own terms, through this empowering 7-episode online course. Where the power of sound frequencies and vibrations will unlock the energy within you! 


What is Soul Frequency Song Healing - Chakra Balancing Sessions?

Chakra balancing through soul frequency song healing is a profound method to harmonize and revitalize your chakras trough the power of sound. In seven 45-minute sessions, launching in February 2024, you will dive deep into the world of sound and energy from the comfort of your own home. 


What to Expect in Each Session:

Chakra Introduction:

Learn about the specific chakra we'll be working on during the session and how it impacts your life.

Sound Channeling:

Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations as I channel energy-infused sounds to awaken your chakras, initiating the flow of energy within.

Breathing Exercises:

Discover easy but powerful breathing techniques to open your energy channels and ground your body in the here and now.

Sound Activation:

Stimulate the chakra's energy flow by using the power of your own voice.

Customized Mantras:

Learn a mantra tailored to the chakra we're focusing on, enhancing your vibrational alignment.

Energy Movement:

Explore how to move and balance energy within your body, promoting holistic well-being.


Benefits of chakra balancing through soul frequency song healing

Release Blockages: 

Clear energy blockages that may be holding you back.

Stress Reduction:

Experience a sense of calm and relaxation. Like a massage from within.

Enhanced Awareness: 

Deepen your understanding of your energy centres and their influence on your life.


Unlock your inner potential and creativity and experience positive changes in your life.

Reserve your spot!

Don't miss your chance to harness the healing power of sound and balance your chakras and let your voice and healing sound frequencies guide you towards balance, vitality, and inner peace.


Stay tuned to tune into the harmony within!



*Note: This online course allows you to revisit each session at your convenience, offering the flexibility to rewatch them whenever you like after the entire series has been released.*

Reserve your spot to embark on this beautiful journey of healing through sound!

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