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Coaching package

I am here to help you uncover your inner diamond, to help you see a new way forward and to change your life from the inside out. When we understand ourselves on a deeper level and when we can identify what is holding us back from living the life want to live, then we can start to change the way we view ourselves and how we navigate in the world. When we feel differently, we start to act differently, and when we act differently our reality changes. You have the power to turn your life around and to free yourself from what is keeping you stuck!


If you're feeling stuck in emotions and patterns that are holding you back. If you feel that you want to make changes in your life, but you can´t see the way forward. If it seems like certain circumstances in your life are just repeating themselves over and over again. If you want to take back your OWN POWER! Then this package is designed for you!

What to expect?

  • Deep Understanding: Understanding of what has been holding you back in the past and what you can do to change those patterns and limiting beliefs about yourself. Gain profound insights into your thoughts and behaviors.

  •  Empowerment: You will understand  and notice how much power you have over your own life when you know how to handle your thoughts and emotions. Recognize your innate power to create positive change.

  • Inspired action: You will get tools and hands on guidance that will help you to powerfully take steps towards the life that you want to live. Create a life true to your innermost values and desires!


Briefly about the process:

Identify limiting patterns and beliefs: To create a change we have to understand why we think, feel and act the way we do in certain situations, and how we have been affected by our environment in the past. Just by becoming aware of our limiting beliefs and why we navigate the world the way we do, we have taken a huge step towards positive change.

Take new inspired action: You have the power to change your thoughts, actions and behaviours. I will guide you to take practical steps forward that will help you to change the way you view yourself and how you relate to the outside world. When you are taking small steps in a new direction, you are walking towards the life that you want to live!

Step in to your power: When you know what you want and what has been keeping you from it in the past, it´s time for you to start to embody the person you want to be! I will guide you and help you to step into your power and to help you mind, body and emotions collaborate in the same direction.

Diamonds are created under pressure, in the same way we as humans are shaped by the pressure of life and our experiences. If we remove the layers of hard stone that cover the diamond, it is finally free to shine. In the same way we can peel away the layers of limitations that have been closed around us for years. Layer by layer our inner light starts to shine through. And eventually we have uncovered our inner diamond, the precious treasure living inside of us!


Uncovering the diamond within

This coaching package is a staring package and includes a total of three coaching sessions, each spanning 50 minutes. I offer coaching sessions in both English and Swedish.

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