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The night an Angel entered my living room and changed my life forever

Here comes the first of all the stories I have to share from my spiritual journey, this one is about when I encountered a being that most of us would call an angel!

Two years into my burnout, I began to consciously change my life. I began to work with my thoughts, my built-in negative patterns, and I began to understand and process the traumas that were buried deep inside of me. It was a tough time, but I understood that I needed to change myself from the inside out. Some days I was more frustrated than others, especially when my autopilot time and time again made me act in ways that went against my new insights about myself.

I had previously noticed synchronicities in my life when they were so obvious that it was impossible to miss them. But other than that, I didn't put too much emphasis on repeated signs that appeared in my life.

At this time, I began to see a combination of the number 14 in various ways wherever I went. For instance, I ordered takeaway, and my order number was 144 and when I picked up the food it was 4.14 pm. I simply saw the number 14 wherever I turned.

Many people with psychic abilities usually see small white flashes, like a small firework in the air, when an energy is present. I had seen these white flashes many times throughout my life and was very used to it, but at this time I saw them more than ever and often they changed to another color, namely blue.

One evening I was journaling, that's how I process my feelings and thoughts, especially when life feels difficult. The burnout and circumstances of life had sent my body into a constant stagnant state of extreme headaches. This evening I felt extra powerless, and the sadness and pain ached through my body as I sat on the living room floor writing in my notebook.

Suddenly the air around me began to vibrate, like when you see heat evaporating from really hot asphalt. The blue flashes I had started seeing here and there appeared in front of me, but this time there were several of them at the same time. Out of the flashes appeared a large blue translucent figure with large blue wings and a luminous energy field around it. The figure towered from floor to ceiling but felt much taller than that. I started to blink and move to make sure I wasn't imagining what was happening, but the figure remained, and the air continued to vibrate. I perceived this stately being as what we humans usually describe in religions, books and movies as an angel.

The figure had such a powerful energy, such an authority, and when it appeared in front of me it was as if something within me released, and the tears began to flow. The angel did not say anything in words, but it was as if it planted a knowledge in my brain and body that “now the change begins”. I found it a little uncomfortable and scary because I had never experienced this energy before, but I knew I didn't need to be afraid. And the clear feeling that I was entering a new phase of life somehow calmed me down and I felt so grateful. The angel was with me in the room for around 15 minutes, calming me and helping me release so much sadness that had been stuck within my body for so long. I continued to write in my book and many answers came to me during that time. When the angel had disappeared, I was in a bit of a shock, but the feeling that something had changed remained like soft and soothing cotton in my body.

Days passed and I continued to intensely see the number 14 in various combinations everywhere I turned. Finally, I decided to google the number and see if there was a significant meaning to it. I found different sources and all of them described the same thing, number 14 stands for enlightenment and indicates that a positive and very welcome change is coming. The same thing as I had felt that the blue creature entering my living room that evening conveyed to me.

Scrolling around on the internet I accidently stumble over articles and blog-posts about Archangel Michael. Reading the information about this angel, how his presence was described and discovering that his trademark color is blue, a rush of energy went up my spine. I, who had been face to face with a blue shining angelic figure could not doubt it. The presence that came to my living room that night and took me under its wings, was the energy that we humans historically describe as Archangel Michael!

I have always had a sixth sense, and In the same way that I have felt the energies of certain passed on loved ones around me throughout my life, in the same way I continued to feel Archangel Michael's energy around me from that moment on. I have somehow become so familiar with his energy that it is now part of my everyday life several years later. For someone who has not experienced this, it may sound very strange, but nowadays Archangel Michael is like a close friend, someone who is there and supports and gives advice, but on an energetic level, not a physical one.

This experience was the start of an intense healing journey, it took me three years before I finally got out of the pain and was ready for the next step in life. I feel privileged to have had this amazing experience, but I also learned that although we are supported by higher powers, we all have our own responsibility for our own lives. It would have been so cool and easy to be able to say that "I met an angel who took away all my pain and healed me of all negativity", but it wasn't like that. I met an angel who showed me that it was time to change my life and that I had all the support I needed to start walking on a new path.

Experiencing this journey, from breaking down completely to building myself up piece by piece, to allowing myself to be who I always knew I was deep down, that's what was the plan all along. Turning your pain into power, that’s magic! And instead of wishing someone did it for you, ask for all the support you can get to get through it. When you come out reborn on the other side, nothing can stop you anymore!


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