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It´s time to come out of the spiritual closet people!

More people than ever are opening up to the world beyond this right now. The law of attraction and manifestation have become something that most people have come in contact with and are practicing in one way or another. Many people talk about vibes and the energy people and situations radiate, and it is even becoming socially accepted to talk about the power of crystals and how the energy from the crystals can help us improve and change different areas of life. In addition to that, I often come across people who believe in nothing more than our physical existence here on earth, but who despite that, have experienced receiving messages from passed on loved ones.

The world is changing, now I'm not just talking about the chaos going on around us, but many people's inner worlds, values and perspectives are also changing. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity to start standing up for who we are and come out of the spiritual closet! The more people who share their spiritual experiences and abilities, the more people will follow in their footsteps. Eventually it may not be seen as crazy or unrealistic by the great mass that we are not alone in this universe, and that our souls live on after death. That there are other beings around us than those we can physically perceive with our sight, and that being able to control one's energy is the key to a successful and happy life.

Lets share our experiences with each other and stand up for who we are!



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