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I conduct my coaching sessions and programs through Zoom, a convenient and accessible platform.


Upon booking your service, you will receive a comprehensive welcome package delivered straight to your email inbox. This package contains all the essential information you need to get started and make the most out of your experience.

I offer coaching sessions in both English and Swedish, ensuring you can communicate comfortably in the language of your choice. My online courses are conducted in English.

Right now I offer FREE Soul Frequency Calls for you to try out my coaching.


Samlas tillsammans med mig våren 2024 för att balansera dina chakran med hjälp av ljudets magi

Gärdet, Stockholm!

Välkommen till en workshop som är en kickstart för dig som vill leva ditt liv för dig och sluta anpassa dig efter alla andra. Kliv in i din egen kraft och släpp på energier och uppfattningar om dig själv som håller dig tillbaka! Workshopen innehåller dessa fem steg:


*SKALA AV - Du kommer arbeta med att identifiera negativa mönster som håller dig tillbaka.

*HEALA - Lovisa kommer guida in dig i meditation och sjunga helande toner som hjälper dig att läka ditt inre. 

*LADDA OM - Med hjälp av din egen rösts kraft och frekvenserna i specialskrivna mantran hjälper vi stagnerad energi att släppa sitt grepp och börja flöda i din kropp. 

*MANIFESTERA - I en kraftfull visualisering sår vi frön för att börja manifestera nya positiva mönster i livet.

*FÖRANKRA - Du får med dig tafasta verktyg som steg för steg tar dig mot ett liv där du lever för dig istället för alla andra!

Plats: Oasen Gärdet, Värtavägen 35, Stockholm.

Tid: 14 april 2024, kl 10:00-13:00

Affisch Kickstart workshop.png

Säkra din plats redan idag och boka nu!

Du kan också  skriva upp dig på min maillista här nedan, så håller du dig uppdaterad när nya workshops och utbildningar blir tillgängliga!

Ser fram emot att se dig där!


Isabell, Soul frequency call

(Free try it out session)

My experience with Lovisa was truly amazing and not at all what I was expecting. 

It ended up being an experience where I got to meet my younger self in a state of trance. I also got to meet my grandmother who passed away a few years ago. 

It was a very emotional and spiritual session and I would recommend everyone going to Lovisa. She’s competent, empatic and responsive on what’s going on in the room and with her client.

Victoria, coaching client

Lovisa is an excellent life coach. Why? Because she knows how to get to the root of the problems, as well as quickly get to the point on how to solve them! She intuitively fills in the gaps whenever I struggled to verbalise what I wanted to get help with. Not to mention that she knows how to actively listen to people. Her energy and enthusiasm gave me a lot of hope to take my initial steps to take my career life seriously. Without her I would not have taken instant action in proceeding further in my career and life goals. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you, thank you once again Lovisa!

Linda, coaching client

I am so grateful for Lovisa and her coaching! She has a very unique talent and skill set, and on top of that, an incredible intuition when it comes to working with someone and what that person needs. She helped me getting through some really tough times, including ones I had in the past, and gave me tools to move forward and handle situations in the future. I can honestly say that I am so much happier and much more positive now than I was before. But then as an extra bonus, a lot of positive things and opportunities have now started to happen and “just fall into my lap”, since having my coaching with Lovisa! I’m very excited now to see what’s in my future, and I would highly recommend everyone to see Lovisa and take her courses and coaching. She truly is one of a kind!

Elin, coaching client

Lovisa is a fantastic person and coach who really listens and gets to know me as a client. She takes her time, is committed and together with the client she really gets to the core/problem. She provides good and concrete tools and exercises that really helped me to dissolve blockages and move forward in my development. I really trust Lovisa and highly recommend her! She helps change lives! So thank you for coaching me!
(translated from swedish)

Emma, Soul frequency call

(Free try it out session)
After a session with Lovisa, I felt incredibly calm. I felt that I got rid of many troublesome thoughts so I felt a great relief. We sat for an hour but the time went by so fast. It felt like I ended up in my own little bubble and that there were no musts or demands during that hour. I feel a different calmness and have a different attitude towards the feelings and thoughts we worked with.
(translated from swedish)

About me

Lovisa Lindelöf

Hello, and a warm welcome! I'm Lovisa, The soul frequency coach, from Sweden. My journey of self-discovery and healing has led me to help individuals like you break free from what holds them back and uncover their inner brilliance.

For as long as I can remember I have been a people-pleaser, chasing acceptance and perfection at the cost of my authenticity and wellbeing. The struggle eventually led to physical and mental exhaustion, with chronic headaches and fatigue serving as wake-up calls. These symptoms were my body's way of saying "no more" and forced me to pause, reflect, and reevaluate my life. At my breaking point, I decided to confront my inner buried wounds and that became the catalyst for my journey of inner transformation.

I learned to stand in my own energy and embrace my authenticity, freeing myself from the constraints that had held me captive for so long. Today, I'm passionate about helping individuals like you embark on a journey of self-discovery and release what's holding them back.

As a Soul Frequency Coach, I use my personal and professional insights to assist others in shedding limiting beliefs. I help clients release what holds them back, allowing them to embrace their true potential, their diamond within.

In addition to coaching, I use the healing power of sound and guided meditation to help stagnant energy in the body move again. By releasing blocked emotions, we create space for self-discovery and healing. 

I believe each of us is on a unique journey of learning and growth. My mission is to support you in uncovering your inner strength and living a life true to your soul's frequency. Together, we will navigate the complexities of your inner world, enabling you to live authentically and purposefully.

Thank you for connecting with me on this journey of self-discovery!


Warm regards,


Life is poetry framsida web.png
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A journal for all seasons of life

This journal is filled with blank pages for you to create, get insights, dive deep and flow on. I have included twenty-two poems and texts that I have put my heart and soul in to, and that I hope will inspire you and make you feel seen. We all have our ups and downs in life, and this journal is for all those different seasons. The good and the bad. You are a creator and all you do can be turned in to poetry.


Buy it today on:


You can read one of the poems below!

Get my journal here
Lovisa 23-07-20 019.jpg

I want to burst, I want to hack holes in the fragile blanket of terracotta that closes around my body wherever I go but doesn't fall off. I want to peel off the orange brittle pieces that still hold me so tight despite their weak state.


I want to burst, break free from the shards of who I was shaped into to be beautiful to others.

I want to wallow in the morning dew and feel cold drops against my skin without mud hindering the water from touching what is me, from flowing, feeding and nourishing.


I want to burst, hack myself out of the supposedly beautiful mold of me, withdraw from being seen for an ornate exterior that doesn't match a limitless interior.


I am not the shards of who they wanted me to be. I am fertile soil of endless lifetimes where the most delicate fruits can take root and sprout. I am not this shell of terracotta placed at the outskirts of the garden. I have to burst, crumble. I can't fit, I'm expanding.


And the shards of who they once thought I was, they are buried in my soil, as if they never existed anywhere else, as if they never held me back.

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